Published On: Fri, Nov 1st, 2019

Dr. J. Foundation urges community to donate to the Hurricane Irma Reintegration Program

Dr. J. Foundation - Hurricane Irma Reintegration Program (25)

COLE BAY — After Hurricane Irma struck Sint Maarten on September 6th, 2017, people were left homeless – wondering where to go. Now, two years later, there remains about 40 people living in a shelter. In order to help people find homes, the Dr. J. Foundation (Cole Bay Housing Project) is working to raise $45,000 to achieve their objectives of repairing 9 homes and making them habitable. They are reaching out to the business community for support.

“This is very important to us, as it should be for our community,” says Cleopatra Halley, Psychologist at the Dr. J. Foundation, “these families have lost everything since hurricane Irma, and the shelter is was a two-year program only and we are now at that junction. These are wonderful people, and they are in dire need of assistance. The average rent out there is insane which they cannot afford; subsidies and reduced rents will be in place for these families via this program and the collaborative agreements in place.”

The Dr. J. Foundation’s deadline for the Hurricane Irma Reintegration Program is the end of January, and they are urging the others to donate in order to help people get back into the community. Those willing to donate can do so at WIB NAF Bank Account 081482807 (Checking Acc) or BDC NAF Bank Account 050247501 (Checking Acc).

Dr. J. Foundation - Hurricane Irma Reintegration Program (1)

Photo caption: Management team of the Dr. J. Foundation. L-R: Cleopatra Halley, psychologist; Dr. Judith Arndell, director; and Dorian Neijs, case manager. Photo by Julie Alcin.

Top photo caption: Members of the Rotary Club showing their support to bring awareness for the donation drive of the Dr. J. Foundation. Photo by Julie Alcin.

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