Published On: Sat, Nov 9th, 2019

St. Maarten Day 60th Diamond Jubilee Spiritual-Jollification

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PHILIPSBURG — “Jollification is something we naturally do as St. Maarteners” says Benjamin Bell, organizer of the Spiritual-Jollification concert “as we come together as a people and just enjoy each other’s time. Sometimes, through jollification we build homes, everybody helps each get their house done, and we have food, drinks, and have fun with each other. A spiritual jollification is the same, as we do it as spiritual people and believers, coming together as the church and the body of Christ, having fellowship with each other. That’s the basics to who we are, as a people who normally come together and enjoy each other’s presence in love and happiness.”

On Sunday, November 10th, the Spiritual-Jollification, a praise and gospel worship concert, will be taking place at the Festival Village at 4: 30 pm sharp. This concert will be featuring church choirs, gospel groups, and singers. The Spiritual-Jollification is one of the concerts that will be held in honor of St. Maarten’s Day, this year’s theme being “We-Story”. “We Story” is a celebration of all things St. Maarten in an interdisciplinary cultural manifestation befitting the longevity of existence through landmark years of 1848 to 1948, and 1959 to 2019 and all other pivotal events through the years.

“I believe that when it comes to spiritual aspects, you never know what God will do, but I believe this island needs healing in a lot of different ways,” Benjamin Bell explains “Sometimes we need to recheck ourselves to re-evaluate who we are and where we want to be as a people. I think that the Spiritual-Jollification will be a time for us to strip away all the negativity happening around the island and give us the opportunity to free ourselves and feel our sense of love and pride for St. Maarten.”

Other than the Spiritual-Jollification, there will be two other concerts taken place, which includes the OneSXM Youth concert and A Concert for St. Maarten. Organized by La Rich, the OneSXM Youth concert is the first to be held at the Festival Village on Friday 8th, at 7 pm, and which goal is to unite the French and Dutch side while offering a platform for up and coming entertainers, designers, and bands – giving them a chance to come together in solidarity, and promote local culture as they showcase their talents. On, Monday 11th, A Concert for St. Maarten, an event organized by Clara Reyes will be featuring the luminaries of the creative industry. All events will be taking place at the Festival Village as a part of this year’s St. Maarten’s Day celebration themed “We Story”.