Published On: Wed, Nov 27th, 2019

The Man behind the scenes

MP Wycliffe Smith PHILIPSBURG — There is no shortcut for hard work that leads to effectiveness. You must stay disciplined because most of the work is behind the scenes. The ones who most shape the world are those who are not exposed or on the forefront, they are very often not seen. They are persons whose conquests and achievements are not highlighted.

This merely because these achievements and successes contribute to a greater cause. Like the hidden man in this story, except that instead of living a passive existence, he was designated and he chose to work in the shadows, to research, form strong alliances and promote the country we all hold so dear to our hearts. All of the above carried out in the shadows while forming part of a strong driving force in the betterment and promotion of Sint Maarten.

Who is this man? What drives this man? These are indeed the relevant questions one must be asking oneself. To discover the identity of this individual, an in-depth conversation was needed with the ones closest to him. This is what we discovered. An entrepreneur with a passion for passing on his knowledge and helping others achieve success. A devoted family man living by principles. A person whose drive and passions stem from the firm belief that with consorted effort and input of all, Sint Maarten will flourish when no one is left behind.

Building a stronger, more equipped society where resilience is not only felt but mainly so instilled in all is his mission. The main goal here being, bringing to the table strong legislation, tackling the most important needs and requirement, always placing the needs of the country and her people front and center. Ensuring that issues affecting the island are addressed in the house of representation on the floors of our Parliament.

Raising the bar where it pertains to the social and moral conduct in Parliament while working along with the elected to get the job done in a manner that works for the benefit of the country we hold high. As the world is watching our conduct and attitude to getting the job done.

A man that believes in giving accountability and holding persons, institutions and more accountable for their (none) actions. A credible and reliable individual.

Well, I hear your thoughts, “is this man without flaws or shortcoming and does he think he can do all the above alone” To answer this question truthfully, for now, I can honestly say, we all have flaws and or shortcomings, but what is important in his case, is that the mystery man behind the scenes is a man whose character is untarnished. He is of sound body and mind, a visionary that prior to bringing solutions to the table, questions the validity, the soundness and ultimate chances of success on transparent execution.

A peoples’ person, a team player who puts the success of the team above his own. Not boastful, he does not toot his own horns but rather enjoys the fruits of shared accomplishments.

Do we need to unveil and (re) introduce this man behind the scenes? A resounding Yes! We must!

Please lookout for the follow-up to this article as we unveil the Man behind the scene!

Wycliffe Smith
Leader of SMCP

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