Published On: Sat, Nov 9th, 2019

Police arrested various men for the crimes they committed

KPSM Police Force News Update - arrested

PHILIPSBURG — Police arrested various men for their crimes. A man for being in possession of a stolen vehicle, one for theft, another for threatening a family member, and lastly, a man who was being sought by police for ill-treatment.

Suspect arrested for being in possession of a stolen vehicle.
The dispatch center received a call concerning a man who was driving in a stolen Pick-up on Sucker garden road. According to the information, the suspect was driving a white Hyundai H-100 pick-up without a number plate. The patrol encountered the Vehicle on Sucker Garden. The driver was s stopped and the pick-up that he was driving controlled. During the control, the police noticed that the vehicle was actually stolen. The driver of the vehicle with the J.E.F was immediately arrested and brought to the police station. He handed to the personnel of the detective department who are busy with the investigation.

Police arrest man for theft
The police arrested the male suspect with the initials R .L. Thursday morning November 7th, 2019, at the Philipsburg Police station. He was suspected of being involved in the theft of an expensive measuring device from a house on the E.C Richardson Street in the month of August. The suspect was handed over to the detective for further questioning. After his statement was taken he was released and given a summons to appear in court.

Man arrested for threatening a family member.
The dispatched center directed the police patrol on Thursday afternoon November 7th, 2019 approximately 03.30 pm, to the Boardwalk for a family dispute. The police spoke at the scene with a family member of the suspect. The police was told by the complainant, that she has a restraining order against the suspect with the initials C.T. and that he threatened her with bodily harm. The suspect who was still on Walter Plantz square was arrested and brought over to the police station in Philipsburg. He was handed over to the detective department. The investigation into this situation is still ongoing

Man who was being sought by police for ill-treatment arrested
The man with the initials R.N.G.S was arrested on Thursday afternoon at approximately 02.00 pm in the area of the Court House in Philipsburg by the police patrol. The suspected who was arrested is being investigated for his involvement in an ill-treatment case that took place on 3 men in the St.Peters area on July 7th, 2019. There was an arrest warrant issued by the public prosecutor for the suspect who was encountered on the Front Street by the police patrol. He was arrested, brought to the police station and handed over to the detective department. The suspect was later questioned and incarcerated pending further investigation.

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