Published On: Thu, Oct 31st, 2019

Police Officers arrested three men

KPSM Police Force News Update - arrested

PHILIPSBURG — Police arrested two suspects for possession of illegal narcotics, and a man for attempting to travel with a fake driver’s license.

Two arrested made for illegal drug possession
The police patrol arrested two male suspects on Monday, October the 28th in the area of Well Road, who was in possession of illegal narcotics. During the narcotics control, the suspects with initials R.P.B.D and E.R M were stopped and subjected to a search.

Suspect R.P.B.D refused to cooperate with officers and was arrested and narcotics were discovered. The drugs that were found in his possession were confiscated by the officer. The second suspect was arrested for having a larger quantity of illegal narcotics in his possession which was also confiscated. Both suspects were brought to the Philipsburg Police station. R.P.B.D was reprimanded concerning his behavior and given a hefty fine and later released. E.R.M was incarcerated pending further investigation.

Man arrested with false documents
The Alpha team made an arrest on Tuesday evening at the PJIAE airport of a man with the initials R.J.Z.M who was traveling to St.Maarten on a fake driver’s license.

During a routine control done by the personnel of the immigration on the airport, it was noticed that the documentation that the traveler had in his possession were false. The falsified document was confiscated for further investigation.

The male suspect was brought over to the police station in Philipsburg and handed over to the detective where he was incarcerated pending further investigation.