Published On: Tue, Nov 6th, 2018

School fights

In a poignant post on Facebook we read the statement that something has to be done about all these fights that are constantly happening at the schools.

We agree!

The writer post that she is not hearing any discussion about these fights on the floor of Parliament or even from the Minister of Justice. “There has to be strict legislation drafted by Parliament to protect the students while at school.” the poster wrote.

“There are also community police officers of which I do not see much effort being done at creating projects aimed at curbing these serious issues such as violent behaviors, fights, bringing weapons to schools, bullying or even sexual harassment.”

“The school boards are also to blame due to their passive ways of making the school safer for the students.”

“Parents also need to start pressing charges against the schoolboards or the Board of Education for any harm done to their children during school hours. Parents or guardians of children should have a peace of mind after dropping their children off at school.”

Fights have been going on for decades and nothing has been done in government to help remedy the issue. Now the fights have gotten more violent and can even become deadly.

If nothing is done about this, some parent might have to identify their child at the hospital or morgue one of these days. Then it will be too late to do something about it.

Just the thought alone should be enough to make any parent sick to their stomach.