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Why advertising is needed
Operating a newspaper business is largely dependent on advertising. Eighty percent of its revenues are generated from advertisements. Advertisers advertise based on their sales and marketing needs. In a slow economy, advertising is the first expenditure to be dropped. While in a slow economy the need for more advertising is paradoxically greater. But even though advertising revenues may drop for a newspaper, the need for news and information will still be just as imperative as always. Media as the fourth estate in a society is not just another commercial business, it is a necessary and vital service in the society for news and information gathering and dissemination.

Editorial Policies & Guidelines
StMaartenNews.com stands for a critical but fair approach towards decision makers,
stands for respect of human rights, stands up for the environment and will stand up for the ‘small man’. We guarantee the independence of our editorial team as long as they abide by these guiding principles.

Advertising Rates
For rates, banner sizes, terms and more information, please email us via info@stmaartennews.com or call +1 (721) 588-0800 to receive a copy of our advertising rates sheet.

Our Advertising Brochure
Our new advertising brochure is ready. You can request a copy via info@stmaartennews.com. You can advertise online on our website, in our email newsletter, on our Facebook page and in our Whatsapp news broadcast services. And soon also in our daily newspaper.

Advertising Channels

The 6 media channels explained

You will reach thousands of people every day guaranteed when you advertise with us.

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November Madness Month Advertising Sale further explained

The whole month of November 2020 will be November Madness Month. Starting today we have a “November Madness Banner Advertising Sale”. All banners on the Homepage, on the Article Page and on the Archive Page are up for grabs. All banner 35 spots must go for the November Madness. You can bid as low as $10 dollars for a banner spot.

Email us your bids and your banners and these will be immediately published starting November 1st once payment is received. The higher your bid, the higher your banner.

The whole month of November is November Madness Month because we have St. Maarten Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

It is going to be one mad, crazy, wacky month with all kinds of banners on the website. It’s first come first served. Only 35 banners spots available in total. This special offer last for the whole month of November 2020. Start your bid at $10. Bidding lasts until October 31st, 2020.

Send us an email with your bid and banner today!

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