Published On: Fri, Aug 23rd, 2019

Many children in Curacao without school supplies

School Bags photo SIGE (Curacao, Caribisch Netwerk)

WILLEMSTAD – Caribisch Netwerk writes that the new school year has started and again it appears that quite a few families can urgently use help with the purchase of school supplies. “My grandson is not going to school yet because he has no pens, pencils, folders and no sneakers,” says grandma C. who takes care of two grandchildren.

She herself has no work and not enough money to buy all school supplies. In the meantime she has received help but that was not enough. The oldest (16) refuses to go to school because he does not have everything yet.

Every beginning of the school year is a struggle for many families. Parents receive help through the government and also through numerous private initiatives. But every year it appears that there is more in need again.

“Many people are losing their jobs now” – Antonieta Dap-Pieters, Dune un Chèns Foundation

In fact, the situation is even “more alarming,” says Antonieta Dap-Pieters of the Dune un Chèns foundation (Give Them A Chance). “Many people are losing their jobs now.” But the cost of living continues to rise and that makes it more difficult for families to make ends meet.

But she also notes that there has been much more help in recent years and that is why people abuse it. “There must be more structure in giving help so that you prevent abuse.”

“There are certainly doubts about parents with wrong priorities” – Ruthmila Obispo of SIGE

The SIGE social guidance center also distributes school supplies. They also notice that the need is greater, says Ruthmila Obispo. “We first started with a group of 100 to 150 children. Now we are talking about four to five hundred children. ”

She also notes that there is doubt in society about the usefulness because people wonder whether families make the right financial choices. “We filter the children ourselves and, for example, get them referred through social workers at schools. But there are certainly doubtful cases where parents have wrong priorities. But you have to guide them. The children cannot fall victim to this. ”

School children in Curacao - School supplies 2019

Photo caption: Children with their new school supplies – photo: Dulce Koopman

Source: Caribisch Netwerk