Published On: Tue, Feb 26th, 2019

Priority remains the rebuilding of schools and homes

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MARIGOT—The Collectivite of French St. Maarten is forging ahead with the reconstruction project. Vice President responsible of Urban Development Steven Patrick in comments on Monday said that even though it may seem that nothing is being done there is “a lot going on behind the scene,” he said.

He mentioned that among what is being done is the demolishing of some buildings so that they can be rebuilt since they had extensive damage. He explained that with regard to the rebuilding of the private homes they have extended the provision so that they could rebuild their homes back to what they were originally and not have to go through “red tape” of seeking permission to get it done.

“That provision has accelerated the rebuilding of homes since they were so many persons without roofs following the passage of the 2017 hurricanes,” said Patrick. He pointed out that they are doing as much as they could do with the means that they have.

He noted that the French system is mainly administrative and as a result it is deemed cumbersome and has frustrated a number of citizens but it is the system that is in place that they have to work with.

He said that senator who represents the Collective in Paris is doing his duty and commended him for the work he has done in initiating the process for persons to acquire property that was under the succession process. He explained that persons who have succession land only have 51% to gain access for the property. In the past they had to find all the heirs before the property could be divided.

The Collectivite has recently approved the assistance to the home rebuilding project to include replacing of doors and windows and not only roofs as was done in the past. This new initiative is geared to accelerate the rebuilding of the homes as we enter another hurricane season for 2019.