Published On: Wed, Feb 26th, 2020

Prison Director fired

Minister of Justice Egbert Doran - 20200226

PHILIPSBURG — The Director of Prisons Alwin Keli has been fired from his post. This was confirmed by Minister of Justice Egbert Doran during the Council of Ministers Press conference of Wednesday morning.

When questioned about the reasons for the removal of the Director of the Prisons, the Justice Minister did not give any valid reasons but stated that there is a management team at the prison, which will be able to carry through with the process of the reconstruction of the Pointe Blanche prison.

He pointed out that there will be no interruption of the management of the prison since the team is capable of administrating the running of the institution.

“I had extensive discussions with my colleague Ministers on this matter and they understand my views.” He added “nothing is done without a reason,” said Doran. However, after further pressing him on the matter, he later confirmed that there were numerous instances of wrong doings that had happened apparently since Alwin Keli was appointed.

The Director of Prisons Alwin Keli was appointed to head the organization after the months of searching for the appropriate candidate to fill the position. He came highly recommended because he apparently had served in a similar position in the past.

Meanwhile, no one has been earmarked as yet to fill the position of the prison director but according to the Justice Minister the management team is quite competent to handle the running of the prison in Pointe Blanche.


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