Published On: Thu, Jan 18th, 2018

Another son of the soil about to be thrown under the bus?

Our colleagues over at SMN-News reports that GEBE CEO scored low in his evaluation and therefore the Supervisory Board intends not to renew his contract and to suspend or terminate his position citing arrogance and disrespectfulness.

Whether all of this is accurate or not remains to be seen. We will soon know for sure in about a week or less. However, there is a pattern here and that pattern is consistent and therefore worthy of our attention and a StMaartenNews.com opinion piece on the matter.

We see another example of a son of the soil appointed to a top position in a government institution or government-owned company without the person in question given proper training, guidance and coaching. Not to mention proper tools, and funding in some cases, to run the organization as its highest executive officer, secretary general or director.

Yet, the same governing board that appointed this person is the same entity that is quick to throw this same son of the soil under the bus when seemingly something goes wrong, allegedly the board does not get satisfactory results and the person in question supposedly does not obey or follow the board’s instructions.

Was the CEO given proper guidance, instructions and coaching in the first place? No? Who’s fault is that? Who is to blame for that? Who appointed this CEO in the first place? Is this a matter of bad judgement? If yes, shouldn’t the board also accept its responsibility in this matter and vacate their position as well?

We at StMaartenNews.com will be monitoring this matter. We sense another court case looming and given GEBE’s track record with court cases of this nature, this does not bode well for the company’s coffers.

StMaartenNews.com intends to interview a person who has been instrumental in appointing various sons of the soil to the highest echelon positions in government, government-owned companies and government institutions. We would very much like to get his take this new developing case.