Published On: Tue, Mar 26th, 2019

MP Irion bemoans lack of action on motion

MP Ardwell Irion - 20 March 2019

PHILIPSBURG — National Alliance MP Ardwell Irion queried Education Minister Wycliffe Smith on Monday about a seemingly reasonable issue: why had the ministry not done anything with a motion Parliament passed on November 9 of 2018, asking to address bullying in schools?

The motion in question asked the minister of education to present a safe school plan within sixty days and to give Parliament an update on the progress of this plan within thirty days.

The plan had to include elements of parental support, positive peer pressure, parental responsibility, school safety plans, a school transportation policy, a rehabilitation program catered to the youth and public awareness.

The motion was inspired by the notion that “violence and aggression undermine the social fabric of any nation” and by concerns about aggression as the tool to solve disputes, the role of social media and an increase in school fights.

What MP Irion did not mention on Monday is that, together with NA-MPs Christophe Emmanuel and (former Education Minister) Silveria Jacobs he voted against that motion. USp-MP Rolando Brison also voted against in November of last year.

However, at the time MP Irion characterized the motion as “unrealistic”, the same words Education Minister Smith used in Parliament to explain why the motion has not been carried out as yet. “The motion that was presented was not realistic.” Smith said in Parliament yesterday.