Published On: Tue, Mar 5th, 2019

Celebration of color, vision and creativity highlighted in Mardigras

Grand Parade French Carnival 4

MARIGOT — It’s that time of the year again when costume designers think outside the box to deliver the masterpiece that will not only be appealing to the audience that lined the route. But also to impress the panel of judges who were strategically positioned at Credit Mutuel.

The troupes were judged by Janice Philips, Noah Mills and Paula Gordon, while the choreography was judged Melissa Boasman, Rudy Davis and Fabiana Richardson. Up to 10 points was up for grabs for Punctuality, Overall Impact 10 points, Creativity 10 points, Originality 10 points, Discipline and Presentation, 10 points, Theme 20 points, Performance 10 points and Craftsmanship 10 points.

Grand Parade French Carnival 9

Leader of the guest troupe, Jasmine Philips of the Survivors had the opportunity to showcase some of the pieces they will be displaying during the 50th carnival celebrations here ahead of the participating troupes. POSH Productions also had some exotic eye catching costumes on display.

To add the Midas touch to the proceedings were Channelia Chathuant-Richardson, the Carnival Queen who was recently crowned, 1st runner up Nayeli Hassel, 2nd runner up Natoinia Saunders, 3rd runner up Tonnacia Mc-Kinnon, Zorah Richardson, Selena Valrose and Emilia Bellot.

Grand Parade French Carnival 5

The 1st troupe to be judged was Pink Lady (Caribbean United) followed by Oxygen (Exotic Birds), FCDSM Mini Float, Hot and Spicy (Welcome to Las Vegas), A different culture, one nation, by the Dominican Association, La Perle des Caraibes by Keskiya, FCDSM Mini Float 2 and Bacchanal Storm’s (Element of the Sea) and FCDSM Mini Float 3.

Grand Parade French Carnival 1

Feathers in various colors and sizes adorned most of the pieces, some were accessorized by beads, sequins and lace. But regardless of the appearances, it all went down to the how they performed during the specified three-minute time frame in front of the judges.

Grand Parade French Carnival 11

This was where coordination, rhythm, cohesion and movements was of vital importance, at that stage they were not only performing to create an impact on the crowd as they only had one chance to impress the judges who had 70 points to give away.

Grand Parade French Carnival 10 Grand Parade French Carnival 8 Grand Parade French Carnival 7 Grand Parade French Carnival 2 Grand Parade French Carnival 13

However in any Mardigras parade, a few will stand out, when one hears the words Las Vegas, gambling comes to mind. The uses of oversized playing cards were utilized in this troupe. In the next few days, it will be known if the designer took a gamble to create an impression in a country that has no casinos or not.