Published On: Fri, Jan 11th, 2019

French side problems

According to reports coming out of the various districts and communities on the French side of Saint Martin/St. Maarten, people are complaining about a lot of issues affecting their daily lives in a post-Irma era.

It has been well over fifteen months since the passing of hurricane Irma and Maria and the people of French Saint Martin have received little to no reprieve nor assistance from the Collectivité under the leadership of Daniel Gibbs.

Seeing the recent video clip making the rounds on social media, even school children are complaining.

Sandy Ground protest 19122018

Recently in Sandy Ground the people took to the street and barricaded the roads in and out of this district. They demanded that President Gibbs come and talk to them and hear their grievances.

We do not know what the outcome would have been if Gibbs had not appeared as demanded.

Gendarmes, who had strict orders not to intervene nor to let the situation escalate, took quick measures to isolate the district and not let anymore people into the area. A wise precaution as community activists took to social media and the radio waves to call on their brothers and sisters from other districts to join their protest. The call even went out to their Southern brothers and sisters living in Great Bay. According to reports on social media, Gendarmes were even seen at the borders controlling traffic. Another wise precautionary measure.

However, coming back to the school children…..

School children are literally asking President Daniel Gibbs “Where is the money?” Where is the money President Macron gave him to fix the schools, to fix the neighborhoods and help build back the districts.

During a recent tour of the French side, witnessed first hand the state of many districts, communities and neighborhoods.

The many dilapidated buildings were an obvious sign of the state of the French side situation and economy, even in the capital city of Marigot and the surrounding districts such as St. James, Lowtown, Concordia and Galisbay. It is clear to see that absolutely nothing was being done to help recover, to rebuild nor to revitalize the economy in any form or fashion.

According to reports reaching, funds are apparently being used to assist the French European community on St. Martin. The developments at Orient Bay is a good example of the preferential treatment being given to French Europeans and where the locals are being relegated to the sidelines. will be bringing you a report on an interview with Senator Guillame Arnell, who stated that it seems to him as though there is no plan for the recovery of the French side of Saint Martin.

Needless to say French Saint Martin has problems, big problems, and it is clear that the French side government must take these ‘problèmes français‘ seriously, before things get out of hand.


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