Published On: Mon, Aug 10th, 2020

Practice social distancing

Editorial - St Maarten NewsOur feature interview article with Covidist and researcher, Dr. Leonard Richardson, MD, has so far been published in the Dutch and in the Spanish languages. The advice contained in that article urged governments to take evidence-based decisions. However, it seems we need to publish an article targeting the general public as well, with the urgent advice to heed the evidence that not practicing social distancing is not only detrimental to our health but to those of others as well. Cases are now almost 90 confirmed active. 89 to be exact, as of yesterday, Sunday, with a new death recorded on Friday. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the bereaved parents and family. No parent wants to see themselves outlived their children. Unconfirmed rumors have it that a gypsy taxi driver died Saturday afternoon from COVID-19 related medical issues as well. A photo of a notice posted at the Immigration Department reaching our newsdesk shows that that department is closed from Monday, August 10th, until further notice. A scan of a TelEm management letter also reached our newsdesk wherein the staff is apprised of the status of a co-worker who out sick for a week and tested positive for COVID-19. We even have a video of the TelEm CEO denouncing allegations that he is not taking measures to protect the well-being of the workers in the company. We also already know of the tense situation at NV GEBE. Basically, this virus is spreading to all corners here on St. Maarten. So it is time for everyone to take this virus seriously and to not only rely on the government to take action and put measures in place. Everyone has to do their part to mitigate the spreading of this virus in our communities. And that is….: Practice social distancing, please!!!