Published On: Fri, Jan 3rd, 2020

You can become a Nation-Builder

Marva Sam - SMCP Candidate #8Dear Editor,

Sint Maarten became an autonomous country on October 10, 2010. This year, we will be celebrating ten years of its existence. I am proud that we have reached thus far, yet, I would like to bring the following forward.

At its birth, Sint Maarten was, as it were, a baby country. A country in its beginning stages. In order to grow and become mature, nation-building is necessary.

Many boasts of Sint Maarten’s economy and thereby declare that we are successful in comparison to the neighboring countries and other parts of the world. But…are we really successful? How is this success measured?

I would like to use the analogy of the construction of a home. When one sets out to build his or her home, many factors are taken into consideration. When one sets out to build his or her home, many factors are taken into consideration. The primary element is always the foundation. The bigger the home the stronger the foundation must be to accommodate every variable in the house. Therefore, if we strengthen and equip our people they would be able to fortify this great country. The development of our people will create accommodations for more businesses, professionals and jobs in this land we all call home.

Building involves putting up walls to create living areas which accommodate the people who will live in the home and facilitate the purpose of each room. Firstly, each room must receive equal attention. If all or most of the focus is placed on one particular room – the most expensive and durable materials are used, the furniture is exquisite, and no stones have been left unturned – can we truthfully say that the home is ready for its inhabitants to occupy? Can a visitor be taken on a tour of the home? What would he or she say about the unfinished areas of the building?

Secondly, one must develop a masterplan prior to building, so that all involved will have knowledge of the developmental stages and ultimate goals. One must consider the number of resources that must be invested; a notable architect, a contractor with good building reputation, a plumber who is skillful, an electrician who is experienced, a painter who is keen to produce the desired look of both the interior and exterior of the building. In other words, individuals who are qualified, detail-oriented and will work to complete the building according to the masterplan.

What is the masterplan for the building of our country, Sint Maarten? Do we have a cohesive plan; one which involves equal attention to all the ‘rooms’? Have we considered what and whom it takes to accomplish the successful construction of this beautiful country? Have we been building ad hoc; a little bit here and a lot there? Our nation’s motto is “Always Moving Forward”. Have we all moved forward, or have some been left behind? Considering all of this, can we sincerely say that this country is comparably adequate to take its place amongst other developing Caribbean islands and the world?

Finally, I want to address the masterplan for Sint Maarten. The Sint Maarten Christian Party has developed a plan that has taken all the above into consideration; we aim to bring to light all areas which need attending, not just a few. It lays out a plan that covers nation-building over the next ten years; one that will allow us to look back one decade from today and proudly say that we have successfully built. It involves the recruitment of individuals who are experienced and skilled, which is necessary currently. I am speaking of the Party’s manifesto. This document lays out the complete plan so that all who read it will say, “I want to be part of the building process”.

In closing, I ask you to think about my discourse and use this as your guideline as you cast your votes on January 9, 2020. Consider yourself being the one who is in the hiring position; the one who selects the appropriate workforce to build your nation, Sint Maarten, the Friendly Island. I kindly ask that you allow me and my fellow party candidates to be part of that force. Cast your vote for me, number 8 on the SMCP slate. I thank you in advance for placing your trust in us.

Marva Sam-Arrindell Msc. Ed.