Published On: Sun, Dec 3rd, 2023

From hope to suicide!

Dear Editor,

NOW, just some months ago, bounced on to the scene with petite fanfare, as a new political party, offering a minuscule of hope and change for the upcoming elections. Presenting regurgitated outlooks on navigating the course towards opportunities and wealth for the people of our nation, NOW provides citizens yet another political party platform of promises.

With a candidate list to fill, supporters to acquire, voters to lock in, contacts to be made and possibly financiers to be gain, NOW became a sitting duck. Filling its candidates’ list, NOW signed off on the acquisition of two defectors from the UP party and with that; one big supporter.

In return, all this big supporter seems to want is the position of minister of TEATT for one, minister of Justice for the other and maybe, just possibly maybe, the position of Prime Minister for himself. The battle of the horniest to fix St. Maarten has begun.