Published On: Mon, Sep 2nd, 2019


StMaartenNews LettersDear Editor,

The integrity filled TBO (Team Betterment Oppression) that is being permitted to create havoc here. This team of Dutch investigators have a modus operandi (MO) which can be qualified as abuse of the law. There is a difference between suspects and witnesses in our law. TBO, to make their chances of conviction better, now make everyone a suspect in their investigation, just to eliminate them as witnesses in the investigations.

When you make persons a suspect ,you scare them into talking not about themselves but about others. So from suspects they can now get witness testimonies for other cases. This looks alright but when you make someone a suspect, you search their house and arrest them and during the interrogation you only question them about other people, then you abuse the law.

It is clear then that the arrest and house search were intended to get information on others and not to get information on the suspect. This MO brings the underminers so much leverage that it is the go-to tool now in Sint Maarten.

The fact that the whole media circus surrounding the house search and the arrest of persons is the beginning of the undermining of their life is an added bonus. Not only are they showing how hard they are working and how well they are spending the millions of Euros the mother country gave, they are successfully undermining this society and increasing their control. Do not ask persons to be a witness anymore, because they may not talk to you, just arrest them and then question them on what you want to know. This is abuse of the law period.

TBO is also our new tax inspector, because arrests on the basis of tax evasion are now done, even before the period in which you can file your taxes is expired. Decisions of the Government stating that a person or business can file up to x years of tax returns, are set aside by the TBO so they can arrest people and get suspect witnesses.

The tax department plays along, so that the same Government that decided on the extended term for the tax filing. The tax department does not do its own investigation, TBO comes and ask to do it for them, and they say go ahead.

Who is served by this behavior that is a violation of our tax code? The tax code too is set aside to allow the undermining to occur. Where does this power come from that allow this? TBO by-passes laws, to use legal remedies for other purposes than they were intended for, to go through Sint Maarten like a bull in a glass cage that cannot be captured. There is no one to deal with this bull, no Minister of Justice or Court to reel that bull in and tame it.

Yes Justice cannot be served by injustice, and while the Minister of Justice hasten to make amendments to satisfy the rest of the world, he turns a blind eye to the needs of this country. The need to restore our judicial system, the need for measures and mechanisms that will keep the TBO and other investigators in check, and the need to ensure impartiality of judges. Without integer judges we do not stand a chance in this country.

When decisions are made bending backwards, forwards and side ways to serve the higher agenda, we can just switch off the lights and go to sleep. There is no trust that the TBO investigates without abusing the law, there is no trust that the judges will decide on cases based on the merit of the case and their good judgment. All that is not relevant, knowing that all investigators and judges come here fully brainwashed in the Netherlands, and here by our own people who have chosen the occupation to post their negativity online.

L.B. Hill