Published On: Wed, Feb 13th, 2019

Dutch Quarter construction manager refutes allegations of non-payment of workers

Dutch Quarter trench works (2)

DUTCH QUARTER—The construction manager of the Dutch Quarter project Stefan van de Tonnekreek has dismissed reports that his employees on the road project was not paid which prompted them not to report to work yesterday Tuesday. He has confirmed that he pays his workers every two weeks and it was only last Friday that they received their remuneration for the last two weeks.

It was reported in an earlier news report that the employees at the project did not report for work on Tuesday which was a concern for the businesses and residents in that district. Speaking with van de Tonnekreek he said that it was an “internal matter” which he would prefer not to disclose the details.

He pointed out that with a project such as the one that they are doing in the Dutch Quarter district, residents have been advised that they can always come to the office with their concerns and it will be addressed. “Sometimes it only needs a brief explanation and the matter is solved. However, with the businesses there will always be interruptions,” he said.

He explained that since all of the houses on the left side of the road has to be connected, as a result the project could take a minimum of six months which would be until August 2019.

Meanwhile, the residents and some businesses are now contented with the initiative of the contractor after the article was published today to have parts of the roads which were opened filled in to avoid any accidents.

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