Published On: Mon, Sep 9th, 2019


MP Franklin Meyers - 20190909

PHILIPSBURG — MP Franklin Meyers has just announced in Parliament that he withdrew his support from the government. “I hereby withdraw my support from the present government!” he said in ending his speech this morning during the closing of the 2018-2019 parliamentary year on Monday, September 9, 2019.

Whether he has withdrawn his support from the coalition remains to be seen. But with MP Frans Richardson in extended detention and with only 14 members sitting in Parliament, MP Meyers withdrawing his support from the government brings the number of MPs supporting the government to only 7 in Parliament.

UD member MP Luc Mercelina, with his recent vote against a sitting coalition minister when he sided with the opposition in support of a motion of no confidence against the now former minister of VSA Emil Lee, was already an unknown factor in the coalition in terms of support for the present government.

Now with MP Meyers withdrawing his support from the government, he, together with MP Mercelina, is now another unknown factor in Parliament. Pulling his support from the ‘present government’ could imply that tomorrow for the opening of the new Parliamentary year 2019-2020 we may very well see a new coalition formed or the sitting government being asked to tender its resignation as the number of MPs supporting the government may very well only be 6.

Read the following story to find out how stable or unstable the present government is: https://stmaartennews.com/news/minister-johnson-spinned-vidanova-airport-funding-story/ as evidence of a shadow government operating on St. Maarten continues to manifest itself.


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