Published On: Mon, Sep 2nd, 2019

Decision to screen supervisory board members commendable

StMaartenNews LettersDear Editor,

The decision by the Prime Minister to screen appointed members to the Supervisory Board of Directors of government-owned companies is commendable and should be welcomed by all.

In executing this decree the Prime Minister should also require that a profile for such a position be drafted and used as a basis for appointing persons to these positions.

She should even go as far as subjecting these positions to a recruitment process whereby applications have to be submitted, interviews carried out and character testing and assessment undergone.

Present members not having gone through this process should be asked to vacate their positions immediately.

This would be a fair process, specifically to the Managing Directors of these companies who are required to go through such a process only to be “bossed” by unscreened-most-often-unqualified-self-serving-wannabe-bosses-and-political-party-cronies who have no idea what their actual tasks as members of a Supervisory Board of Directors are.

Name withheld at writer’s request


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