Published On: Fri, Jan 19th, 2024

New coalition warns outgoing government against practicing departure policy

PHILIPSBURG — The four parties that signed a coalition agreement – URSM, NOW, PFP and DP – have warned the outgoing government against taking any decisions that could be perceived as departure policy.

“All decisions made from now up to the change in government need to be part of the continuity of things, and not new decisions,” the parties write in a press release.

The release mentions six examples in particular: the permanent appointment of civil servants who have been in acting positions for less than three years, the appointment of cabinet members as civil servants, the issuance of land or water rights in long lease, filling in of water parcels, new issuance of licenses of any kind and lastly, any recent decision in general.

The parties state that such decisions will be scrutinized, challenged and reported to the authorities “if deemed against the principles of good governance.”

The parties sent a letter with these statements to the outgoing government as well as to Governor Baly.

URSM-leader Luc Mercelina expressed his gratitude to the Central Voting Bureau in yet another press release. “We commend the Central Voting Bureau for their tireless commitment and professionalism during this critical electoral process. They made a challenging task appear seamless, showcasing utmost teamwork and dedication.”

The Central Voting Bureau spent three days recounting all the votes cast in the January 11 election. It found minor differences that did however not affect the final seat distribution or the eligibility of candidates for a seat in the new parliament.