Published On: Fri, May 10th, 2024

What’s happening with Republic Bank Anguilla and their affiliates around the Caribbean? Are you a victim?

From our Correspondent

ANGUILLA — A wave of frustration and anger have swept through Anguilla as about 200 residents joined forces in a peaceful protest outside the premises of Republic Bank (Anguilla) Limited, on Wednesday, May 8, 2024. The protest, organized by a group of Anguillians and residents, aimed to address the financial losses suffered by customers due to unauthorized withdrawals from their accounts.

Led by Mrs. Melisha Maccow-Niles, Tara Carter, and Anoushka Romney, the protesters gathered to express their grievances and demand accountability from the bank. The group, which represents a fraction of affected customers, delivered a formal communication to key stakeholders, including the Country Manager of Republic Bank, and the Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank.

According to bank officials, 461 customers have been affected by this system error.

On the day of the protest, a letter was handed to the senior management of the bank.

The letter outlined the collective dissatisfaction with the bank’s handling of the situation, citing breaches of fiduciary duty, trust, and contract. Customers highlighted discrepancies between the bank’s actions and the terms outlined in the Account Services Agreement and the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank’s Code of Best Practice for Financial Institutions.

Demanding the immediate reinstatement of their accounts and restitution for financial losses, the protesters underscored their determination to seek redress for the hardships endured.

The three ladies who are leading this fight for the people have been on a media blitz and promised to get justice for all the customers affected. Klass FM Anguilla has been reporting on this extensively. On Friday morning, the ladies were guests of The Mervin Hanley Show with host Mervin Hanley at THG NETWORK and on Monday, they will be guests on a Winn FM radio program on St. Kitts. We expect to hear from them soon on St. Maarten.

This group is making every effort to hold the Republic Bank accountable. We will continue to follow this developing story closely.


Statement issued by Republic Bank (Anguilla) Ltd.

Protesters Interview on The Mervin Hanley Show with host Mervin Hanley at THG NETWORK: