Published On: Wed, Mar 28th, 2018

Saba Primary School invests in T.O.P. teacher program

Anastasia Simmons & TPI Natasha Gittens

SABA/PHILIPBURG — In January of 2018 the school board of the Sacred Heart Primary School in Saba determined that raising the bar in teaching standards and investing in their teacher’s professional development was an ongoing priority.  Unanimously the board voted to implement the Teachers of Promise (T.O.P.) Program. The program was written and designed by Teach Institute, Training Professionals International Firm’s Education Arm, (TPI) and commences on March 26 – May 26, 2018. Twenty-four school professionals will complete the course, comprising of teachers, school leaders and teacher’s assistants.  Each of the participants will receive a “globally accredited” certificate upon completion issued by TPI.

T.O.P has been developed to “raise the bar in educational excellence” based on (4) program pillars and integrates teachings from the book, Conscious Discipline by, Dr. Becky A. Bailey.

Pillar 1: Introduces teachers to the benefits of engaging in strategic collaborations that will directly enhance their teaching methods, professional development and fosters a renewed teaching philosophy through, mentoring, coaching and training.
Pillar 2:  Encourages teachers to utilize non-traditional teaching methodologies that prepares students at various levels for life experiences, by integrating real-world learning activities and opportunities through assignments in academic course curriculum.
Pillar 3: Focuses on school communication internally and externally and provides participants with effective communication skills.
Pillar 4: Fosters leadership development by establishing an environment that promotes, empowers and encourages both students and teachers to take ownership, accountability and responsibility for their school’s advancement, development and success.

Anastasia Simmons, School Board President of the Sacred Primary School stated on Wednesday, the first day of the program, “With TPI’s T.O.P. program I look forward to my staff working on a stronger level with their peers and knowing how to deal and work better with the various levels required of them in the education system. The Sacred Heart school, will be able to serve their clients better and help to accomplish their studies and feel better at what they can produce.”

Principal of Sacred Heart Primary School, Mrs. Diane Wilson shared the boards sentiments and had the following to say, “A wise person knows that there is something to be learned from everyone. Education is the foundation upon which we build our future.”

Dr. Gittens, President and CEO of TPI stated: “This is a historical moment; the decision of the school board unequivocally indicates that they understand that all 4 pillars must be cohesively aligned to raise the bar and become an institution of excellence.   In short, one pillar cannot be successful without the other.   My wish for leaders (i.e. boards) in diverse sectors is to understand, “top down” leadership is ineffective, and it is an approach of the past (i.e. old school).  We must understand that if employees, managing directors, managing boards, teachers, managers, supervisors, parents and students do not feel valued and involved in their learning communities (i.e. organizations) the institution, no matter how big or small will “never” reach its full potential and will continue to operate in disparity.