Published On: Wed, Nov 15th, 2017

Tzu Chi donates relief items to 368 families

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Philipsburg — Three hundred and sixty eight families in St. Maarten benefited from a relief exercise hosted by the St. Maarten Tzu Chi Foundation on Sunday, November 5.

The relief activity, which was held at Tzu Chi’s location on the LB Scott Road, was organized to enable the foundation to continue its relief distribution efforts in the country.

A total of 33 Tzu Chi volunteers got together to help ensure that the drive ran smoothly. The volunteers lovingly distributed a total of 5,000 (2,272.72 kg) pounds of rice, 690 polo tops, 720 pairs of sandals and 600 packages of cookies to the 368 families. Tzu Chi estimates that 720 family members will benefit from the relief.

While accepting the three relief-items, Tzu Chi volunteers encouraged recipients to “Think good, speak good and do good” in their lives. “This beautifully organised event had a meaningful message and there were many happy faces after receiving the new and colourful items for males, females and children,” Tzu Chi said in a press release on Tuesday.

One recipient, in tears, said he lost everything during Hurricane Irma including his home and his job and he is thankful to Tzu Chi for the assistance in his time of need. “A lot of people need it. We will move forward because we have life and energy to continue,” the recipient said.

“Thank you lord; thank you Jesus; thank you Tzu Chi; thank you Taiwan,” another grateful volunteer said after receiving her items.

“It’s a great help and it’s a great need that we have in St. Maarten especially after the hurricane. What you have been doing daily to give out bread and rice it’s a great thing. The slippers and t-shirts are really needed because many people lost their clothes and everything in the storm. So thank you,” another recipient said.

One volunteer said she was happy to assist in the well-organized event and it was a pleasure for her to see the many joyful faces receiving the relief items.

Tzu Chi Commissioner Sandra Cheung is grateful to all volunteers who took time out to assist in the exercise and to all recipients for accepting the foundation’s donation. She said the foundation will continue to spread seeds of love in St. Maarten to help alleviate the burden on families left in the wake of the devastating hurricane Irma.

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Photos provided by the Tzu Chi Foundation.