Published On: Sun, Jan 27th, 2019

WIVoice, The Critical Voice of the People

WIVoice flag

WIVoice came on to the social media scene as a group on June 28, 2016, and has been a fixture on Facebook’s social media platform ever since. The group serves as a medium for the voice of the people of St. Maarten.

Many outsiders label the group as negative. However, one has to understand constructive criticism comes in many forms and fashions and satire, irony and social commentary is not easily digestible for some when it touches on issues that most people do not want to have a serious and honest look at.

Most of us just rather stick our heads in the sand and hope the issue – whatever it may be that day – like pedophilia – simply goes away on its own. Rather than looking at our own part that we play in the issue of the day, we just prefer that no one draws attention to the matter and most of all, that no one asks us for our opinion on it.

WIVoice however does not wait for anyone to ask them their opinion. The group share their salty non-sugarcoated criticism, barbs and sarcasm for all to read, bear with gritted teeth and take however they want to take it. When you see for instance Francine De Polo Peterson drops her mike, you know a post from group admins Catz Boston, Burgundy-Benders Carrol or Maman Fille has hit home to the very core of civil society on St. Maarten. Boom! Mike drop! Now pay attention!

I respect these vocal ladies tremendously – eventhough I don’t tell them that or like their posts, I prefer to lurk like most members – but I will be the first to defend their right to share their thoughts, views and criticism on the issues plaguing our society on St. Maarten, whether in government, politics, business and the environment, whereever!

And for a good dose of laughter, check out Kevin Lambert’s posts. He is one of the most prolific commentators in WIVoice. His posting is consistent. He doesn’t miss a day. That in itself should be a message to all the haters out there that WIVoice is here to stay. So get used to the criticism and make it the ultimate goal that one day they will have nothing negative to say about our society here on St. Maarten. I can only dare to dream of such a society. That is when we all would have grown up, act and talk like adults and have healthy debates about the issues and how to solve our problems by focusing on the solutions.

Until then, keep up the good work, ladies!

Terrance Rey