Published On: Wed, May 6th, 2020

Group of Good Samaritans to the rescue

group of good samaritans

PHILIPSBURG — There is a small group of people organizing and delivering food boxes to people in the communities. Since late March, they have been out silently helping. The group started the initiative when it became apparent that the need for getting families food was growing rapidly, and the situation becoming dire.

This group sprang into action the Saturday following our news article about the plight of a group of Venezuelans in Cole Bay. These good Samaritans delivered food supplies to these Venezuelans in three different districts, in Cole Bay, Cay Bay, and Philipsburg.

At that time, this group of active volunteers had already helped over 300 families. According to their spokesperson, the group can help, on average, 70 people per day, doing deliveries of food boxes four times per week.

Venezuelans received food boxes from volunteers

The publication of our article and the evidence of the work of the group led to many other Venezuelans contacting StMaartenNews.com via Messenger and Whatsapp asking for food boxes as well. Other locals contacted us via social media, asking for help also. We passed on the contact information of these people to the group’s contact person.

At the end of the following week, the group’s contact person informed us that they had supplied all these people with food boxes. Nevertheless, as we have reported this week in our latest article, the plight of many Venezuelans on Dutch St. Maarten remains urgent. Attempts at repatriation appear to be not possible, given the mounting tensions between the USA, Colombia, and Venezuela. A group of Venezuelans in Cay Hill is hoping to get an audience with the Parliament in order to request temporary residence and work permits.

In the meantime, the group of good samaritans remain committed to their task and is asking people for donations in the form of dry food and supplies, even contributions in the form of cash. Anyone wanting to get in contact with this group to donate can contact us, and we will pass on your information to the group.

Pickup truck filled with food supplies


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