Published On: Tue, Jan 16th, 2018


We received another email yesterday morning. This one promised us immediate actions on the part of the new incoming government.
One immediate action we saw is the new interim minister of Transportation/Aviation paying a visit and receiving a tour of the PJIA airport from the board of directors.
The news release from the SXM Airport promises that the “PJIAE Managing Board is also slated to deliver a presentation to the Honorable Council of Ministers on Friday, January 19th, 2018″ and that the board is “committed to keep the Council of Ministers updated on the progress of the rebuilding and ongoing operations of the Princess Juliana International Airport.
If the previous editorial was about Questions. The one would be about Promises. Promises, promises, promises. However, we look forward to concrete actions and concrete results.
We recently gave a writer who called from New York an interview over the phone on the tourism status of the island. The situation at the SXM Airport was one of the topics. We wished we could have told more about the status and the progress the airport is making besides the situation of the major resorts coming back online within a year or two. So we eagerly look forward to a report on the meeting the board of the PJIAE N.V. will be having with the COM on Friday.