Published On: Wed, Dec 6th, 2017

Minister Jacobs: “Government remains committed to USM”

Silveria Jacobs 20171206 - HH - says government committed to USMPHILIPSBURG – “The government remains committed to the University of St. martin as the only line of higher education,” caretaker Minister of Education Silveria Jacobs said on Wednesday. “This remains key; but the Council of Ministers also holds USM accountable for the funds it receives.”

Jacobs said that, under a memorandum of understanding, the university will received three times 230,000 guilders to cover the costs for the last trimester of the year. Next to that, USM will continue to receive its monthly subsidy installment of 63,750 guilders.

Minister Jacobs said that the government already signed an agreement with USM back in 2014. “Much of what we are asking now was also in that agreement,” she said. “It really behooved the university to live up to its part of the bargain. To receive money, USM has certain obligations.”

With the financial injection the government has now promised the university is for the time being saved from closure.

Photo caption: Minister of Education Silveria Jacobs during Wednesdays press briefing. Photo Hilbert Haar.


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