Published On: Fri, Jan 12th, 2018

Anna Rabess-Richardson clears the air as to why she left the USP party

Anna Rabess-Richardson - Speaking at LaunchPhilipsburg — During an official launching event held at the Coffee Lounge on Front Street in Philipsburg, candidate #5 on the National Alliance slate, Anna Rabess-Richardson, explained the reasons why she ended up leaving the USP party.

According to Rabess-Richardson she was refused the position of Minister of TEATT because the USP board claimed that after doing their ‘due dilligence’ they found out that her husband, Mark John Rabess, has a case pending against him by the Prosecutor’s Office. Ironically, her husband works as a bailiff, both civil and criminal, with the same Prosecutor’s Office.

When informed of this news, her husband, Mark Rabess, immediately took action and the Prosecutor’s Office in the person of Chief Prosecutor Ton Maan within short sent an email to Anna Rabess-Richardson confirming that indeed her husband was not the subject of any pending investigation being carried out by the Prosecutor’s Office.

Despite this immediate clarification, the USP board persisted in their claim that due to the case pending against her husband she could not be put forward as minister. Anna Rabess-Richardson explained that she respected their decision and respectfully requested that they refrain from given the aforementioned as reason why she was not chosen as it would be an act of defamation of character and cause unnecessary damage to one’s image and character. To date the USP board has never contacted her nor apologized for the affair.

Rabess-Richardson continued the evening to explain the basis of her platform for running for Parliament.

Click here to listen to the complete speach of Anna Rabess-Richardson.