Published On: Thu, Jan 26th, 2023

D66-MP Wuite urges voters to register

PHILIPSBURG — Jorien Wuite, St. Maarten’s member of the Dutch parliament for D66 is urging citizens to register for the election of members of the Electoral College for non-residents. Members of this college vote in turn for members of the First Chamber, the Dutch senate. The registration for this election closes on February 1 and the election date is March 15.

At the beginning of her six-day visit to the Caribbean, Wuite called on voters to participate. On March 15, the elections are not only about electing members for the Dutch provincial parliaments, but also about electing members of the island councils and the Electoral Colleges for Bonaire, Statia and Saba and furthermore, and for the first time, about electing members of the Electoral College for non-residents.

“The choices politicians make in The Hague also affect Dutch citizens who are currently not living in the Netherlands,” Wuite was quoted as saying in an article published on dossierkoninkrijksrelaties.nl. “Think about consular services, banking, dual nationality and pensions. This influence is extra important for the Caribbean countries in the kingdom because of the handling of kingdom legislation and international treaties.”

Wuite said that she is happy that, partially thanks to D66, people living outside of the Netherlands can have a vote in what the First Chamber is going to look like. “Register now, so that we can make our voices from the Caribbean be heard on March 15.”

During her visit to the Caribbean, Wuite spoke with politicians, private and public sector ngo’s and citizens in Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire about a wide range of topics – from the cooperation between the Netherlands and the Caribbean islands, poverty and human rights and the climate to apologies for the history of slavery.


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