Published On: Thu, Jan 18th, 2018

Introducing Solange Ludmila York-Duncan, #10 on the National Alliance Slate

Solange Ludmila York-Duncan

Solange Ludmila York-Duncan, a young, strong and progressive professional has made the ultimate decision and postulated herself as #10 on the National Alliance slate. Ludmila was born and raised on St. Maarten and currently holds the position of Policy Advisor in the Ministry of Education. She is a wife and mother of two, driven by the complexities of political science and policy making and the innovation of marketing and branding. A self-defined strategic, hip-hop loving, 80’s baby, Ludmila hails from a well-known local family with strong  legal, political and educational influences. She aims to empower our people, one community at a time, one idea at a time.

The Disciple Peter said, “use your God-given gifts to serve others”.  

Ludmila is actively engaged with community-enrichment projects and has put herself on the white line to champion greater socio-democratic legislation and change in St. Maarten. Her unique life experiences, creativity and zest for life has molded her into the likeable, relatable and respected individual she is today. She is a proud alumnus of the MAC and St. Maarten Academy schools and is currently completing her Master’s with the University of Birmingham in Development Management.

Why should Ludmila be elected to Parliament and what has she done for the community?

Many of Ludmila’s past and current activities reflect the causes she believes in and a ‘country above self’ mindset. Post Hurricane Irma, she launched the Cayhill Community School with teachers and children from her district of Cayhill. Ludmila is a Past President of the St. Maarten Achievers Toastmasters Club, a member of the Cay Hill Community Council and Secretary of the Engage Foundation. She is also a girls’ soccer coach and former player of the Oualichi Women’s Soccer Association.

Ludmila is a game-changer and staunch supporter of the advancement of young St. Maarteners. She has worked in the past as a local mentor and a Communications Officer at the former St. Maarten Student Support Services (S4) in the Netherlands. As far as having the qualities needed for public office; her solid work ethic, leadership abilities, knowledge and deep-rooted integrity will speak for itself in Parliament. Ludmila is humbled, optimistic and hopeful that she will gain your trust and prove to be a candidate that delivers consistent, realistic and relevant legislative work in Parliament.

My generation has yet to make a significant impact in St. Maarten’s political arena. We are upset, fed up and disappointed and yet enough of us are not stepping up to the proverbial plate. We are prepared to learn from those that paved the way for us, receive the baton and move forward…always forward never back.”

She is Young. She is Strong. She is Progressive. Solange Ludmila York-Duncan is ready to use her God-given gifts to serve you in Parliament!