Published On: Wed, Jan 25th, 2023

Register now for Dutch Electoral College elections

PHILIPSBURG – For the first time in history, citizens of the Caribbean part of the kingdom will have an opportunity to influence the composition of the Dutch First Chamber, aka as the senate. On March 15, there is an election for Dutch citizens who live outside of the Netherlands for members of the Electoral College. The deadline to register is February 1.

The election for the Electoral College for non-residents is at the same time an election for members of the First Chamber and for the European Parliament. Local attorney Remco Stomp is the number 3-candidate for the Electoral College on the list of D66.

This is a so-called indirect election. Members of the Electoral College participate in the election of members of the First Chamber, together with members of the Dutch provincial parliaments and the electoral colleges of Caribbean Netherlands.

Voting is handled via mail. Voters receive a mail voting-pass via mail and they receive their ballot via email. Inhabitants of Aruba, Curacao and St. Maarten receive their voting-documents from the office of the Dutch Representative.

The requirements for those who want to participate in these elections are as follows. They have to live outside of the Netherlands and they cannot be registered in any Dutch municipality; they must have the Dutch nationality and they must be 18 years or older.

Registering is possible via a personal upload link; participants receive this link in their email after they have completed and submitted the registration form. It is also possible to register with an email to kbn.verkiezingen@denhaag.nl. The registration form should be attached as a PDF or a JPG-file. Lastly it is possible to register by mailing the form to: Gemeente Den Haag, Verkiezingen KBN, Postbus 84008, 2508 Den Haag, Netherlands.

It is also possible to become a candidate for the Electoral College of non-residents. Candidates must be Dutch voters who are 18 years or older and they must live outside of the Netherlands.

Attention: voters who already are registered for Second Chamber and European Parliament-elections still have to register for participation in the Electoral College elections. It is not possible to vote by proxy and voting is not possible with a voting-pass.

Residents of Aruba, Curacao and St. Maarten who live in the Netherlands must have lived there for at least ten years to be able to vote in this election, or they must have a job in the civil service.

Questions? They can be addressed to the Unit Verkiezingen in Den Haag by phone (+31 70 353 44 00) or via email: kbnverkiezingen@denhaag.nl.


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