Published On: Thu, Dec 19th, 2019

Talking Politics with Arun Jagtiani 2020 edition

Arun Jagtiani photoARUN JAGTIANI: “I’m please to officially announce that a few weeks ago, I partnered with Cani TV to produce season 2 of “Talking Politics with Arun Jagtiani”.

“We have just finished production on 14 episodes which features interviews with 2 candidates from each of the political parties contesting the upcoming Parliamentary elections. We tried to highlight one incumbent and one new candidate from each party. With the exception of 2 parties we accomplished this formula.”

“We did our best to create a very neutral platform – hence the black & white concept – and wanted to allow the viewers the opportunity to form their own opinions of the candidates. We did not accept sponsorship or donations from any political group.”

“We will be releasing one interview per day for the next 2 weeks on various online platforms including: Cani TV Facebook page, ireteam.com, and Talking Politics with Arun Jagtiani Youtube channel.”

“The main goal behind this initiative is to encourage voter turnout. With so many elections and so many candidates I believe the voting population is frustrated. I’ve heard too many people within the community taking the attitude that their vote does not matter and they don’t plan on voting. To me that is a very dangerous attitude to have, especially if you understand a little bit about history. Besides wanting to do my part to create awareness on this issue, I also really enjoy doing these interviews.” wrote Jagtiani.

“Due to time and resources we are unable to do more interviews, I do apologize to all the candidates who have contacted us for exposure on our platform, but unfortunately we cannot accommodate everyone we wanted to interview.” Jagtiani explained. “Nevertheless we are excited about the interviews we have done, and look forward to sharing them with everyone in the coming weeks.”

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Atwell Terrance Rey Talking Politics with Arun Jagtiani

Click here to watch the Full Episode (which consisted of 4 parts) of Talking Politics with host Arun Jagtiani interviewing SMCP Candidate #12 Atwell Terrance Rey, publisher of StMaartenNews.com. Click here now…


On Youtube the full interview can be seen in 4 parts as follows:

Part 1 of 4: Terrance Rey talks about his role within the Progress Committee Sint Maarten

Part 2 of 4: Terrence Rey views on prostitution, casinos, alcohol, gay rights and cannabis

Part 3 of 4: Terrance Rey talks about his experience as a publisher of StMaartenNews.com

Part 4 of 4: Terrance Rey talks about electoral reform in St. Maarten