Published On: Thu, Apr 4th, 2019

Dutch Quarter sewerage project stopped

Dutch Quarter road sewerage project - 2 Apr 2019

DUTCH QUARTER — The Dutch Quarter sewerage project which took off with a quite an impressive start is now stalled for financial reasons.

This project which is financed by European funding is said to have stopped because the contractor did not receive any funds from government to pay the employees.

Minister of Finance Perry Geerlings when questioned at the Council of Ministers Press Conference on Wednesday, said that they are now “working on it.”

Meanwhile, the island utility company GEBE is still busy with connecting and the regulating the water aspect of the water for the community.

While residents have voiced their concerns about the project, the businesses are worried that the project will not be completed on schedule adding to more woes for them.

The project has now stopped for more than two weeks and the employees are questioning if they will be paid for the time they are off of work, since it was not their fault.

The construction site and offices are closed with padlocks and the principals cannot be reached for comment.


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