Published On: Sat, Feb 24th, 2018

Oyster Pond still shows hurricane scars

Debris at the Great House - 20180223 HH

PHILIPSBURG – Almost six months after Hurricane Irma devastated the island, many businesses have picked up the pieces, rebuilt and reopened. But in Oyster Pond, where the Oyster Bay Beach Resort is making the best of it, quite some other businesses have left their premises in disarray, creating an eyesore for the casual visitor.

There are still boat wrecks in the water and opposite the place where once Mr. Busby’s Beach Bar was, boat wrecks are piled high on the land right next to the water.

The building of Remaxx Real Estate is destroyed and abandoned, as is the restaurant that once offered dining practically on the water.

On the other side of the road, The Great House is in shambles and it does not look like its owner has made any effort for repairs or even for cleaning up the debris on the property.

Mr. Busby’s Beach Bar is also gone for the better part and the story here is the same as with the Great House: no continued cleanup efforts or attempts to repair or restore the place to its former glory.

Oyster Pond 1 - 20180223 HH

Photo caption: Boat wrecks on land and in the water at Oyster Pond. Photo Hilbert Haar.

Oyster Pond 2 - 20180223 HH

Photo caption: The office of Remaxx Real Estate and adjacent businesses are in shambles. Photo Hilbert Haar.

The Great House - 20180223 HH

Photo caption: In the garden of The Great House, a forlorn sign points to its neighbor, Mr. Busby’s Beach Bar that has also gone to seed. Photo Hilbert Haar.

Debris at the Great House - 20180223 HH

Photo caption: Hurricane debris is still where it landed after Hurricane Irma struck on September 6, 2017. Photo Hilbert Haar.

Remnants of Mr Busby's Beach Bar - 20180223 HH

Photo caption: The remnants of Mr. Busby’s Beach Bar. Photo Hilbert Haar.