Published On: Mon, Jul 16th, 2018

Sewage water running in the roads of St. Maarten remains a systemic problem

St. Peters Entrance Sign

ST. PETERS — StMaartenNews.com made use of the quiet time on the roads while everyone was watching the France-Croatia World Cup final match to make a photo reportage of running water on the streets in the communities around St. Maarten.

St. Peters - Tangerine Road

We have posted the photos of our findings in the various districts on St. Maarten on our Facebook page and so far the post has been viewed by over 2052 and drew 19 reactions, 11 comments and 27 shares from people.

Obviously, running water in the streets of St. Maarten remains a hot issue for people and some followers even asked why we did not capture photos of running water in their neighborhoods. One such district is Cay Hill. Apparently, we will have to visit the area during the work week when a certain shop is open for business.

This is an indication that there are serious environmental issues going on that warrant the attention from the relevant government departments, be it the Public Health Department and/or VROMI. Even this issue warrants the attention of GEBE because sewage water can seep into the water mains and contaminate the drinking water.

The results of our findings can be viewed on our Facebook page.