Published On: Thu, Dec 26th, 2019

Translation Main Demands Union for St. Martin Working People

Translate French translationsUNION FOR ST MARTIN’S WORKING PEOPLE





  1. Abolition of the NPRP imposed on the St Martin’s population by the prefectural decree of August 6, 2019
  2. Enhance the 2011 NPRP to allow for an adequate protection of the population
  3. Put a stop to the expropriation along the beaches
  4. Allow access to their beach property to the residents having owned for 30 years
  5. Stop the court proceedings against the residents rebuilding or renovating their houses destroyed during hurricane Irma
  6. Reinforce the existing constructions in the vulnerable areas
  7. Protect houses by building dikes or by any means available
  8. Build hurricane shelters with a dual purpose in each district: sports center, movie theater
  9. Settle the situation with the plots of land located within the 50 geometric footsteps
  10. Departure of the French government’s representative


  1. An immediate 70% discount on all water bills and a refund starting from the announcement date
  2. Request an independent study on the health hazards regarding the consumption of water contaminated by bromate
  3. Request a central water distribution system in each district set up by local enterprises
  4. Immediately stop the distribution of tap water poisoned with bromate and cancel all exorbitant water bills by the Public Water Company (Public Health sovereign prerogatives)
  5. Release of the expert water study through the Regional Health Agency


  1. Provide an adequate access of all beaches to the St Martin population
  2. Abolish all private beaches


  1. Contain the cost of living
  2. Allow Club Orient’s shareholders, one of the biggest private companies, to reopen the resort
  3. Allow local enterprises to reopen: Gusto and Raymond in Baie Rouge; Kali in Friars Bay; Pedro in Orient Bay
  4. Create a fishing season per area to safeguard the survival of local fishermen


  1. Promote recruiting purely local labor
  2. Prohibit the practice of racism and exclusion by enterprises
  3. Create selection criteria that will stimulate the local enterprises (building, construction companies)
  4. Organize domestic exams in St Martin (in the health, education, law enforcement, prefecture, and administrative sectors)

POPULATION (youth, seniors, people with disabilities, prisoners, and others)

  1. Create a rehabilitation program for our prisoners
  2. Safeguard public health by removing masts from populated areas
  3. Build facilities for the youth: youth center, sports center, movie theater, social events for the youth
  4. Build a facility in compliance with the standards for seniors and people with disabilities
  5. Safeguard the public health at the hospital
  6. Open a resting home, or a care facility, or a rest and relaxation center(?)
  7. Set up suitable bilingual receptionists in the public enterprises and administrative services
  8. Respect our culture and customs
  9. Provide support for housing renovation and reconstruction
  10. Stop the ongoing crackdown on the youth
  11. Stop confiscating bikes with legit documents to have them destroyed in the junkyard


  1. Ensure a 51% shares of the Collectivité in the SEMSAMAR (a public/private real estate agency that manages and builds social housing and buildings in the public sector)
  2. Support the local staff at the labor department
  3. Fix the roads network on the island


  1. Put a stop to land seizure both by the Coastal Conservancy and the Nature Conservancy
  2. Manage the garbage collection
  3. Re-introduce our mother tongue (English) in all pre-schools and elementary schools as well as in all public administrative departments
  4. Reopen a museum to preserve and pass on our heritage, culture, and history