Published On: Sun, Jun 17th, 2018

CPS Men’s Health 2018: Living a healthier and more active lives

physical activity

GREAT BAY — Sint Maarten (DCOMM) — The lack of physical activity is seen as a health threat. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around the world, not enough people are active; one in four adults and four out of five adolescents are not getting enough exercise.

Some of the consequences of inactivity are overweight or obesity. Physical activity is good for health and can prevent heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Sint Maarten’s calendar of health observances is to promote in particular local or global health issues and encourage the male population – men’s health – to be proactive and consult their physicians before onset of disease.

The Collective Prevention Services (CPS), a department with the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development & Labour, would like to see all men and boy’s healthy and recommends that we collectively strive to have a health community with the aforementioned group practicing healthy lifestyles and take preventive actions to be and remain healthy. This message is part of the department’s annual calendar of observances.

CPS would like to see men and boys live healthier lives, and is calling on all fathers’ and boys to consult their physician to determine their risk factors.

Some risk factors are tobacco use: using tobacco is one of the most damaging lifestyle choices. WHO has estimated that tobacco use is currently responsible for 16% of all deaths in adults over 30 in the WHO European Region, with many of these deaths occurring prematurely.

Excessive salt consumption is another high risk: excessive salt consumption is strongly associated with the development of cardiovascular diseases. By eating less salt and staying within the limits of the recommended maximum – 5 grams a day – you can protect your health and significantly reduce the risk of developing non communicable diseases (NCDs).

Thirdly, physical inactivity: physical activity is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle, and the absence of it can lead to serious consequences.

By taking action and reaching the recommended minimum of physical activity per week – 150 minutes of moderate and/or 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity – you can protect your health, enhance your well-being and considerably reduce the risk of developing different associated conditions.

Get educated about your health and your risk of inherit health condition, and the diseases that can affect you; get screened and tested to be sure you are healthy; make annual visits to the doctor; eat healthier; and be more active and monitor your health.

CPS encourages Sint Maarten men and boys to make healthy choices, live a healthy lifestyle and be active.

Persons seeking additional information should contact their family physician or CPS at telephone numbers: 542-1570 or 542-1222.