Published On: Thu, Mar 28th, 2019

General Health Insurance (GHI) may solve major health care problems

Minister of Health Emil Lee - 27 Mar 2019

PHILIPSBURG — The introduction of a general health insurance policy seems to be the solution to all the health care woes facing the government. Minister responsible for health affairs Emil Lee said at Wednesday’s Council of Ministers press conference that everyone will have to fall under the general health insurance policy.

However persons will have options to maintain their private insurance and pay a solidarity fee in the general health insurance as a solidarity contribution, which means that they will be helping in the community health care cost. “In order for persons to opt out of the general insurance the private insurance must be equal to what is being offered under the General Health Insurance,” said Lee.

He explained that in the private insurance persons will not be able to be pre-exempted based on pre-conditions in their medical health anymore and it will not be possible to terminate their policy based on age, since this is seen as an unfair practice. He said that this practice is discriminatory and not in the best interest of the community.

Lee said the private insurance must also cover the cost for sickness and in the case of persons have to be sent off-island they must have coverage for air ambulance services for their customers. He concluded that it will not be accepted that private insurance takes care of the customer when there are no major problems and when real problems happens they “dump the persons on the lap of the community”.


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