Published On: Wed, Jun 12th, 2019

Insurance Insights: Application Form

Learn the keywords that give you insights into the insurance business in our series of short stories from a client who learned how to avoid under-insurance after hurricane Irma.
1. Nagico Building

~ Application Form ~

Part 1.

I went down to NAGICO Insurances offices on the Cannegieter Street. Finding parking close by is always a challenge. I figured I would use The Secret to attract a parking spot right in front of the NAGICO building. I imagined that the security guy would be holding a spot for me as I pulled up in my red Ford Escape jeep. Indeed. That is exactly what happened. He was in the process of pulling back up the lock after a client had backed out and drove away when I arrived and turned on my indicator light to indicate that I wanted to make a left turn into the vacant parking spot. He saw me as I stopped across the street and indicated that I wanted to park. He immediately lowered the barrier and stepped aside so that I could drive in and park. There was something about him that always made me feel that he was a kindhearted gentleman. I wonder how long he has been working for NAGICO? Then a funny thought popped into my mind. I am sure he knows everything about NAGICO insurance policies? Maybe he knows all the application forms backwards and forward? Maybe he studied all the fine print of every form and policy. That is exactly what I was here for actually. To fill in an Application Form.

What is an Application Form?

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