Published On: Sun, Sep 18th, 2022

Mark Mingo suggests introduction of Co2-tax

PHILIPSBURG — Mark Mingo is back and he wants everybody to know that he is not going anywhere. Despite his trials leading up to his acquittal for complicity in robbing the port of millions of dollars, Mingo has maintained a positive attitude. He has used his time studying law and is currently contemplating option for his future.

In an interview on the radio program The Review, Mingo declined to answer the question whether he will be a candidate in a future election. At the same time, he has emphasized that he is not going away and that he expects the government to present him with a decent settlement to compensate for the loss of his job at the harbor group of companies.

Mingo said in yet another radio-interview (with Billy D.) that he wants to keep his talks with the government about a settlement confidential.

Mingo nevertheless hinted that he might get into politics: “If I am going into politics I am going to bring back the COHO,” he said, adding that this is an issue he would want to discuss.

The former port-director also suggested to bring back the Dutch Participation Company; not to let the Dutch run the show but to arrive at a form of cooperation that is beneficial to St. Maarten.

First and foremost, Mingo said, the country needs to generate revenue, because the economy is in a shambles. He suggested the introduction of a C02-tax to strengthen the economy. “We need to start that discussion now,” he emphasized.

Another method of increasing government-revenue is by collecting taxes. Mingo suggested abolishing the RST and using its $21 million budget to bring FIOD-inspectors to the islands. These officers could help St. Maarten collect taxes.

Watch the videos of the Mark Mingo interviews online at:

Part 1 Billy D interview


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