Published On: Thu, Oct 5th, 2017

Repentance-scheme for fencers and looters

Judge's GavelPHILIPSBURG — The Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM) Sint Maarten is prepared to take into account looters and fencers who regret their act.

As is known, citizens committed criminal offenses during and after the passage of hurricane “Irma”. In this case, specifically with looting. There have been many searches in recent days and suspects are detained. The police force KPSM will continue the investigations, under the supervision of the OM.

Meanwhile, there are also signs that people are sorry for what they have done. The Public Prosecutor’s Office is willing to take this into consideration and has established a scheme for those people who make themselves known and return the looted goods.

The scheme applies only to looters and fencers who voluntarily return the stolen goods at the OM at the Emmaplein. This can be done every working day from 10 am to 12 noon.

One has to identify him- or herself. The suspects must come clean and tell where the goods in question came from or how they came into their possession.

For the suspect, this means – if the goods don’t exceed an acceptable amount – that no search will be done at their home and he or she will not be detained. Of course a punishment will still follow. He or she will be eligible for community service in those cases where the amount of goods is “acceptable”.

This scheme will be valid only until 1 November 2017. After that date, the police and OM will continue to investigate suspects in full force. The OM will then not take into account anymore whether the suspect regrets his actions or not.

Looters - photo by OM

Photo caption: Looting in progress. Facebook photo provided by Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM).