Published On: Sun, Jul 23rd, 2023

Implementing justice function book will cost more than 40 million

PHILIPSBURG — Implementing the justice function book will cost the government more than 40 million guilders ($22.3 million) this year, it appears from a press release issued by the Ministry of Justice. The agreement Minister Anna Richardson reached with the unions is still subject to approval by the Council of Ministers.

Minister Richardson negotiated the agreement with the NAPB, ABVO and WICSU/PSU unions and the Committee of Civil Servants Union (CCSU) as well as with management and employees of her ministry.

According to the press release, the unions “collaborated closely” with the minister about the final review of the legal position police regulation. This regulation includes new P-salary scales and special compensation for the police, the division border protection and the national detectives. “It also includes crucial elements necessary for the successful implementation of the justice function book,” the press press release.

In December of last year, Minister Richardson announced a delay in the implementation of the function book. The delay was due to a requirement of full coverage for its financial consequences. Until the end of this year the projected estimated debt that results from the enactment of the function book amounts to more than 40 million guilders. It is unclear whether the 2023 budget covers these expenditures.

Apparently, not everything is in place right now, given the following statement in the press release: “The ministry anticipates finalizing all supporting legislation required for the implementation of the justice function book soon.”

The CCSU has provided the minister with a written approval and she will now seek the support from the Council of Ministers before delivering the complete legislative package to the Governor. “Upon the conclusion of the objection and appeal phases, the regulations will be formally enacted through a national decree and be published in official publications, the ministry stated in its press release, adding that the office of the Ombudsman has the authority to appeal the legislation within six weeks to protect the constitutional rights of the ministry’s employees..