Published On: Wed, Mar 27th, 2019

New Prison Director appointed

Minister of Justice Cornelius De Weever - 20 Mar 2019

PHILIPSBURG — The government has appointed Drs. Alwin Queeli as the new Interim Prison Director for the Pointe Blanche Prison. This was announced by the Justice Minister Cornelius De Weever during the weekly Council press conference on Wednesday.

The new Interim Director who comes highly recommended, is said to have a wealth of experience working in the prison system and was also the director of the Bon Futuro prison in Curacao. “His expertise includes among others, organizational enhancement, policy development and risk management,” said De Weever.

The recruitment process which started in May 2018 after the former prison was suspended for wrongdoing. Drs. Alwin Queeli was selected based on a “shared vision” and his ability to perform.

Drs. Alwin Queeli who is also a former military officer who served 15 years in the army of the Dutch Kingdom where he rose to the rank of captain. The new prison director is expected to be will be working along with a management team who has been appointed.

The Minister of Justice in welcoming the new interim director said that his appointment is to ensure that the operations are improved, to oversee the work and to be the change manager. He feels that Queeli will make a valuable contribution to the Ministry of Justice and his “vast knowledge” will be transferred to the management.

He however pointed out that although it is the intention to improve the security at the Pointe Blanche prison, it could only be done if everyone shows up for work.