Published On: Wed, Sep 27th, 2023

Critical Questions Surrounding Telem Group’s ‘Integrated Digital Service’ Transformation

Dear Mr. Editor,

The Telem Group of Companies announced today that it will transform its total operation into a state-of-the-art “Integrated Digital Service Provider” for St. Maarten.

Information about the transformation was revealed to the Council of Ministers in a special convened meeting at the Government Administration Building on Tuesday September 26, 2023, according to news circulating on social media.

Mr. Editor, this is good news, but how credible is this news when certain critical points is taken into account.

  • Has the Fiber to the Home project been completed? If not where are the bottle necks?
  • Can the present state of the Fiber to the Home project, carry the increase activity as projected?
  • How will the “Integrated Digital Service” be financed?
  • What is the present cash flow of the Telem Group of Companies, and can this be extrapolated for the next 3 years?
  • The arbitration case with the Mer Group for more than $3.7 million dollars, has that been settled financially outright or does Telem have to rely on future income to meet this settlement?
  • Is the repayment of all previous loans current and if not why?
  • Is there a budget in place for the “Integrated Digital Service” Project?
  • How healthy is the Telem Group of Companies at present financially?
  • Will this “Integrated Digital Service” Project lead to the retrenchment of staff?
  • Is there a Social Plan in place for the workers?
  • How will the “Integrated Digital Service” Project impact the local economy?
  • Was a survey carried out to ascertain the impact of the “Integrated Digital Service” Project, and to gauge their appetite for such services?
  • How well thought-out is the “Integrated Digital Service” Project, is it based on proper research and is this research documentation available to us, as the Management of the Telem Group of Companies, has a fiduciary responsibility towards, the community as a whole?
  • What influence if any did the presence of “Flow, former UTS” play in coming up with this “Integrated Digital Service” Project?
  • What is the time frame to have such services as portrayed in the “Integrated Digital” Project operational?
  • During that time is the competition from “Flow” and others expected to remain on the same level as it is now, ceteris paribus?

Mr. Editor, I remember several years ago, some Chinese investors were going to build a huge hotel in the Bel-air, area, it was around election time. That project never got airborne.

This project lacks credibility as there are so many uncertain factors and so many unconsented stakeholders.

John A. Richardson


Publisher’s Note:

TelEm Group has unveiled ambitious plans to transition into an “Integrated Digital Service Provider” for St. Maarten, as part of a global trend in the telecommunications industry. During a meeting with the Council of Ministers, TelEm Group’s CEO, Kendall Dupersoy, emphasized the need to adapt to changing customer demands by offering a broader range of services, including apps, streaming, and enhanced data bandwidth. The company is focusing on financial stability, cost reduction, and innovation to enhance customer experiences. While financial pressures have accelerated this transformation, it’s a move that TelEm Group had been preparing for over the past few years, with upgraded infrastructure and systems in place. The CEO assured employees of open communication and explored options like voluntary early retirement packages. Overall, TelEm Group sees this transformation as an exciting journey toward future success.

Source: TelEm Group announces major transformation plans on the horizon