Published On: Mon, Sep 19th, 2016

Into the future

Dear Editor,

St. Maarten, this friendly island, needs to allow its heart to beat again. We are all here together on this island and we all need to agree to puncture this cloud of personal focus and enter a place of benefit for and by the people of St. Maarten. How do we do this?

  1. St. Maarten’s position – We can do this by first considering St.Maarten’s position within the region and wider world.
  2. What makes SXM different – Looking at what different attributes does St. Maarten have that makes it different.
  3. Maximizing SXM’s Strengths – Looking at how to maximize St. Maarten’s strengths in its key industries by organizing a program of reproductive leadership in management and service.
  4. Continued Remigration Strategy – By initiating a continued remigration strategy that has a substantive benefit package that gives candidates a real sense of hope and involvement.
  5. Key Infrastructural Needs – By considering the various infrastructural needs that involve looking at seriously improving the roads and sidewalks everywhere on the island, looking at finally having appropriate gathering halls like a parliament meeting hall, performing arts center and convention halls, and that each community have a community center and central shopping center.
  6. Regional Strategy – By having a regional travel, distribution, education, and communications alliance.
  7. Strategic Regional and International Partners – By considering strategic regional and international partners for the development of our various strengths by improving our security, educational training centers, commercial ventures, dance, music, sports, event and entertainment activities.

How do we do this? By setting up a Strategic St. Maarten Development Group [SSMDG] that will have the mandate to grow and facilitate the development of St. Maarten. By deciding to sit down ‘together’ and rolling up our sleeves and starting to work. The intention here is to major on continuing to have a community that we can be proud of. By being a beacon of hope and being a place where lasting friendships are born here on St. Maarten the friendly island. Vision comes through those who lead. Let those who lead be lead by wisdom and purpose.

Ir. Delano Richardson