Published On: Thu, Feb 23rd, 2023

Letter to the editor re voting booth rear curtain removal.

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Reading the front page article in the Daily Herald of February 22, 2023, regarding a squabble over the PFP proposal to remove the rear curtain from the voting booths, I took note:

NA’s George Pantophlet thinks the voters lack understanding and need more education. (Huh??). Faction Ludmila Duncan likes the PFP idea but wants the presence of other persons in the polling stations to be looked at. Good point. How about larger voting halls, with do-not-cross lines painted on the floor 20 feet from the entrance to each voting booth? While voters are in the booths, NO-ONE is to cross the line. Faction Grisha Heyliger-Marten fully supports the PFP proposal… Good for her! UD faction leader Sarah Wescot-Williams and her party also fully support the PFP proposal! Yessss!! But, as expected, almost violent drama-laced opposition to the simple proposal to remove the rear curtain comes from Faction Christophe Emmanuel and the Rolando Brison version of the UP faction… At all costs, the curtains must stay! I wonder why?

Michael J. Ferrier
St. Maarten