Published On: Tue, May 21st, 2024

Michael Ferrier sharply criticizes Maingrette’s move

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PHILIPSBURG — Michael Ferrier has sharply criticized Maingrette’s move. “This decision is not one I have taken lightly,” he quotes from Maingrette’s press release, adding: “I wonder if you meant haggling over the amount you might have been offered to pull this stunt?”

Ferrier also notes that Maingrette said during the signing of the governing accord with URSM, NOW, PFP and DP that he was not going anywhere.

Ferrier also fell over this statement by Maingrette: “I want to see the country thrive and restore the faith of our citizens in their leaders. Ferrier; “You are SOOOO full of excrement.”

The former Minister of Finance concludes with a fair warning: “Remember the faith (Ferrier probably meant to write: the fate) of all ship jumpers St. Maarten has known. We, the people do not forget.”

In October 2023, when he was still a member of the UP,  Maingrette got into hot water over accusations of leaking false information to businessman Olivier Arrindell. Shortly afterwards, he resigned from the UP to join Christophe Emmanuel’s newly established NOW (Nation, Opportunity, Wealth) party. In his resignation letter to the UP, Maingrette stated that “after careful consideration and thought” he had realized that his values no longer aligned with those of the party. Given his decision to drop his support for the four-party coalition led by Dr. Luc Mercelina, it appears that Maingrette has had once more a change of heart.


StMaartenNews.com hereby publishes Ferrier’s letter to the editor in full:

Dear Editor:

I read Kevin Maingrette’s comments about WHY he JUMPED SHIP after PROMISING not to JUMP SHIP, notwithstanding that almost EVERYBODY questioned his ability to behave like a grown-up when it became clear he fell in the-pot-of-gold-position of Member of Parliament on Sint Maarten.

Comments like:

  1. “His concern over prolonged instability, lack of transparency and effective leadership”. I guess you were attacking the Governor!
  2. “After much contemplation and reflection”. WOW, whole 2 weeks out of 4 years of contemplation and reflection??
  3. “This decision is not one I have taken lightly”. I wonder if you meant haggling over the amount you might have been offered to pull this stunt??
  4. “It is rooted in my unwavering commitment to the wellbeing and stability of our beloved nation”. Then WHY DESTABILIZE a 2 week young government you made so much hoopla about when promising YOU WERE NOT GOING ANYWHERE at the NOW signing of the 2X4  Governing Accord??
  5. “I must prioritize the interests of the People of St. Maarten above all else”. Our (We The People’s) interest, or your (Kevin Maingrette’s) Interest??
  6. “My decision aims to prevent further destabilizing the nation”. You DESTABILIZE, then tell us you want to prevent further DESTABILIZATION??
  7. “I want to see the country thrive and restore the faith of our citizens in their leaders”. You are SOOO full of excrement!
  8. “This move underscores my commitment to the long-term stability and prosperity of St. Maarten”. REALLY?? Seems to me this move underscores your commitment to your bank account and your ego!

Remember the faith of ALL SHIP-JUMPERS St.Maarten has known…. We The People Do Not Forget!!!!!!!

Michael J Ferrier