Published On: Sun, Dec 3rd, 2017

National Alliance Board proud of Marlin’s achievements

Dear Editor

As a board, we wanted the people of St. Maarten to know that we are EXTREMELY proud of our leader Prime Minister William Marlin. We realize that some people have been trying to discredit him as a politician and a person. We know the real man, the man devoted to family and friends and loyal to St. Maarten. We also felt the need to remind ourselves of some of his many accomplishments.

Many politicians can claim to have vision or a record of accomplishments but upon scrutiny, their claims are easily discarded. Prime Minister Marlin can not only claim vision but can show his accomplishments as tangible projects that were brought to completion. His accomplishments are more than we can take the time but we felt as he is getting ready to pass on the baton of leadership to Minister Silveria Jacobs at NA’s congress on December 10th, we should reflect on some of his most important accomplishments.

The main accomplishment in our opinion, is the Belvedere housing project or maybe Status change, envisioned, planned and successfully completed. The largest housing project in the entire former Netherlands Antilles and achieving 10-10-10 when others said it was not possible. Schools (before our children were going to school in bars and churches), Community Centers (where we meet and enjoy the community), paved roads (St. Peters and Cay Hill were swallowing dirt and Link 1), his propensity of getting things done that others failed to do, getting the new government building open after many years of stories by others. All this, in limited time in Government.

His recent tenure as Prime Minister was something to behold. He represented us with honor, respect and integrity overseas and demanded attention wherever he spoke. Now out of the blue, the Dutch Government is trying to paint him black. Need we remind you what name the Dutch had for MP Theodore Heyliger “Mr. 10%,” back then, William Marlin was the preferred leader but now after he stood up to the Dutch, protecting our self-determination, he is the worst.

Over the last 39 years, our leader has dealt with some ups and downs but if history is fair, she will consider his political career as a successful one and he a great leader. One that was in the service of all and not for the benefit of a few.

Another testament of a great leader is to groom and prepare for others to take over; and so for the past few years, this is exactly what he has done with Minister Silveria Jacobs. He saw her potential, which has been supported by the people in the polls, and she has accepted the challenge. William Marlin has earned our respect and honor for his valiant service to St. Maarten. We have no doubt that Silveria Jacobs will continue along these same lines.

The National Alliance always puts St. Maarten first. William Marlin started this party with that concept, imagined it, lived it and executed it when he got the chance. He has stood for his country and her people as an honorable man. We commend him and stand with him. May God bless him and protect him as he continues to serve the people of St. Maarten in this new chapter of his life.